In my house I have various books dotted all around the place, like on my bedside locker, on bookshelves, and even in the bathroom!  I tend not to read one book at a time, but rather I pick up a book when I’m in a particular room and without fail when I would read a paragraph or two, it is as if the universe sent that paragraph to me with a particular message just when I needed it.

This happened to me this morning, when I picked up the book ‘What you think of me is none of my business’ by Terry Cole-Whittaker.  This book was recommended to me a couple of years ago by a counsellor I was seeing.  It is a great little pocket size book.

I flicked through the book and page 153 with the words ‘the myth of competition’ jumped out at me, and in particular the line ‘competition really is an ineffective form of rationing’.

This spoke to me, as throughout my life I have always shied away from anything that was deemed competitive.  I have won one or two competitive races in my life, but I have never felt comfortable being in that first position.  Second or third place always felt more at home to me.

Terry Cole-Whittaker gave me an insight into why I feel this way.  It is because I believe that there is a limited number of resources in the world, like attention, money, success, social status etc, and we all must compete to achieve one or more of these. We believe that there is a ‘lack’ of these resources, which creates a ceiling that we are all racing for.

But in fact that is a thinking error, the universe has all of these in abundance.  ‘When we see lack instead of abundance, we immediately create for ourselves a win-lose contract’.

So the trick is to remind ourselves that life is a limitless resource, we just need to believe that there is enough out there for me and we don’t always need to step into the ring of competition.  Whatever your goals are, they are attainable, nobody else will take them from you.  They are waiting for you, you just need to set your compass in their direction and trust that all will work out ok.

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